Vintage 1930's Inspired Camera

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This unique blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality transports you to the glamour of the Jazz Age. Its distinct design whispers tales of the past, capturing the essence of a time when every photograph was a timeless piece of art. Step into the extraordinary with our Papershoot Camera - where history and innovation harmonize for a truly distinctive photographic experience.


Product Details

- 18MP CMOS Image Resolution
- Auto-exposition to capture the best photo in JPG format
- Automatic image algorithms
- Video and timelapse modes to capture 10 second videos in MP4 format
- Point and shoot camera
- Requires and supports SD card below 128 GB and Wifi SD card (not included)

Papershoot Camera Highlights

A breakdown on how to use your Papershoot camera and a list of error indicators to help you get the most out of them!