Paper Shoot Technologies Inc, ("PaperShoot") products will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a warranty period of six (6) months after purchase.

  • This warranty is limited to either the free repair or replacement of the defective product during its warranty period.
  • Customers must send requests to info@papershoot.com for the warranty process.
  • For repairing service, you have to send the defective product to our our manufacturer based in Taiwan at your expense, and PaperShoot will cover the shipping fee for returning back the product.

Warranty does not apply if:

  • the warranty period is expired
  • the product is installed, maintained and operated in ways other than as recommended by PaperShoot
  • the product has been modified or repaired in any way by any unauthorized service center or personnel
  • the defect was subject to abuse, improper use not conforming to product manual instructions
  • the defect was subject to Force Majeure

If all of the above terms are met, PaperShoot will either replace the defective unit free of charge or repair or refund the original purchase price, at our discretion.

Please Note:

  • The claim will have to be accompanied compulsorily by the original purchase receipt.
  • The global warranty coverage allows users who need warranty services to contact their nearest PaperShoot distributors or stores for support,  not limited to where their PaperShoot was purchased.