Paper Shoot is a digital camera made of eco-friendly materials that shoots "like film" without the hassle of development.


Born in Taiwan in 2013, Paper Shoot embarked on a mission to reimagine digital photography. With the launch of our PAPER CAMERA, we aimed to reconnect people through the power of visual storytelling. Inspired by the words of Alfred Eisenstaedt, we believe that true connection happens when we click with people, not just with the shutter. Since then, we've remained committed to our mantra "Point & Shoot, Less is more," crafting simple, beautiful cameras that seamlessly blend fashion, eco-friendliness, and philanthropy.

Our Products

PaperShoot cameras are more than just gadgets—they're a reflection of our commitment to creativity, sustainability, and personalization. Crafted with durable, water-resistant paper cases made from inorganic mineral powder, our cameras are as eco-friendly as they are stylish. With switchable and editable cases, cool photo filters, and terrific lens options, our cameras offer a unique and personalized photography experience for individuals, brands, and special events.

Our Commitment to Community

At PaperShoot, we're passionate about inspiring the next generation of photographers and giving back to our community. That's why our cameras are perfect for kids, offering a fun and educational way to explore the world of photography. Through our exclusive online community and guidebook, we empower children to unleash their creativity and share their masterpieces with others. Additionally, we offer customized PaperShoot cameras for businesses, providing a memorable and sustainable way to promote your brand while leaving a positive impression on employees, customers, and colleagues alike.