Aesthetics of film in a digital camera

Digital camera made of eco-materials that shoots "like on film" without the hassle of development.

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Paper Shoot cameras are your passport to simple and joyful photography. Designed for ease, these eco-friendly cameras boast a sleek, paper-based exterior. With their minimalist controls, snapping a photo is as easy as a click. Forget complicated settings – just point, shoot, and capture life's moments with vibrant clarity.

These lightweight cameras are not only a breeze to use but also eco-conscious, featuring recycled and sustainable materials. Dive into the world of Paper Shoot cameras for an uncomplicated and environmentally friendly photography experience that effortlessly blends style and substance. Embrace the joy of photography, simplified.


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From striking landscapes to intimate portraits, our Papershoot Gallery showcases the diverse and imaginative perspectives of talented photographers. Whether you're a photography enthusiast or simply seeking visual delight, join us in exploring the Papershoot Gallery and let the images speak for themselves.