Croz Premium Walnut Wooden Camera Set

Sale priceRs. 23,000.00

Our Croz vintage and premium camera set comes in two variations i.e. roosewood and walnut. These are our most loved camera sets worldwide. Croz camera set comes in two premium cases - one transparent acrylic and the second in natural wood both of which can be attached to brass gold finished metal frame. Comes with extra brass screws, a leather strap apart from the usual camera set


Product Details

- 18MP CMOS Image Resolution
- Auto-exposition to capture the best photo in JPG format
- Automatic image algorithms
- Video and timelapse modes to capture 10 second videos in MP4 format
- Point and shoot camera
- Requires and supports SD card below 128 GB and Wifi SD card (included in the box)

Papershoot Camera Highlights

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