Papershoot Retro Camera Case

Sale priceRs. 1,400.00

Preserve the essence of nostalgia with our Papershoot Retro Camera Case. This bespoke accessory is designed to complement your Papershoot Retro Camera, providing both protection and style. The vintage-inspired design echoes the charm of classic cameras, while the durable materials ensure that your Papershoot is shielded from the elements. Transport your camera with confidence and showcase your retro flair with this purposeful and chic Papershoot Retro Camera Case.


Product Details

How to Assemble ?

  1. Insert the effects switch into the slot.
  2. Insert the circuit board into the three holes on the card casing and add the batteries.
  3. Fold up the front of the camera, making sure the lens fits correctly.
  4. Finally insert and secure the fasteners through the two holes located at the top.